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Christmas Is the Time of Giving!

Here is an idea most people don’t consider… Product vs. Service!

Give your family or friends a gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Why Lawn Care Can Be a Great Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones

We here at Loyalty Lawn Care offer a gift that gives all season long. Our root development program offers an answer to fit any budget!

Who enjoys working, sweating and laboring to keep their lawn looking good all year long? Maybe a few, but most people just want to mow it once a week and hope Mother Nature cooperates! Fertilizingweedsinsectsdisease… should I seed? What is an aeration? How does it help my lawn? Holy cow!!

These are just some of the questions homeowners face if they want a green, weed free lawn, let alone issues such as:

  • Picking the right products
  • When to apply
  • What if they don't work
  • Where to safely store these products away from pets and children

These are all factors to consider. Why not take the worry of keeping the lawn looking good out of their hands and let us help!!

We here at Loyalty Lawn Care, located in the heart of St Charles county, Missouri have been doing that for nearly 20 years! We know the ins and outs of what it takes to make your lawn looks its best, even with all the crazy and extreme weather conditions that we and you both know can occur in the St Louis metropolitan area here in Missouri. We know how to tackle any problem that arises and will diligently work with you to make your lawn become one of the nicest looking lawns in your neighborhood! Who knows, we may already be taking care of some of your neighbors!!

December is a great time to sign up for service—take advantage of 7% savings by prepaying for an annual lawn program and save on basic and extra services that may be needed to get the lawn in shape. We offer free estimatesfree service calls… and free knowledge on how to improve the appearance of lawns in your area!!!

Don't wait! Call us now at (636) 498-0100 or contact us usign our online form and find out how you can keep your loved ones happy all year long!