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Is It Spring Yet?

While it may not actually be spring until March 20th you'll want to start treating your lawn prior that to have a good looking lawn this year. While everyone has their own opinion about the best time to start the real key is applying your crabgrass control before the soil warms up enough for the annual grassy weed to germinate and become an issue again. Because it is a grass, once it emerges from the soil it is difficult to control without harming other healthy turf around it. With enough warm days ahead of the official first day of spring you'll also start seeing many broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, henbit, wild onions, and many others as he sun does shine and we have those milder temperatures. The best way to control these plants is taking early action before the weeds become established with a healthy root system in your lawn. So fertilize to get a quick green up this spring and remember to control problem weeds and grasses like crabgrass and dandelions before they become a problem.